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  • Sellum beget Icamia, and Icamia begot Elisama. (1 Chronicles 2, 41)

  • And Samma beget Raham, the father of Jercaam, and Recem beget Sammai. (1 Chronicles 2, 44)

  • And Epha the concubine of Caleb bore Haran, and Mesa, and Gezez. And Haran beget Gezez. (1 Chronicles 2, 46)

  • And Saaph the father of Madmena beget Sue the father of Machbena, and the father of Gabaa. And the daughter of Caleb was Achsa. (1 Chronicles 2, 49)

  • And Solomon's son was Roboam: whose son Abia beget Asa. And his son was Josaphat, (1 Chronicles 3, 10)

  • Beget Achaz, the father of Ezechias, of whom was born Manasses. (1 Chronicles 3, 13)

  • And Manasses beget Amen the father of Josias. (1 Chronicles 3, 14)

  • Of Phadaia were born Zorobabel and Semei. Zorobabel beget Mosollam, Hananias, and Salomith their sister: (1 Chronicles 3, 19)

  • And Raia the son of Sobal beget Jahath, of whom were born Ahumai, and Laad. These are the families of Sarathi. (1 Chronicles 4, 2)

  • And Caleb the brother of Sua beget Mahir, who was the father of Esthon. (1 Chronicles 4, 11)

  • And Esthon beget Bethrapha, and Phesse, and Tehinna father of the city of Naas: these are the men of Recha. (1 Chronicles 4, 12)

  • Maonathi beget Ophra, and Saraia begot Joab the father of the Valley of artificers: for artificers were there. (1 Chronicles 4, 14)

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