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  • Obed beget Jehu, Jehu beget Azarias. (1 Chronicles 2, 38)

  • Azarias beget Helles, and Helles begot Elasa. (1 Chronicles 2, 39)

  • And his son Amasias begot Azarias. And Joathan the son of Azarias (1 Chronicles 3, 12)

  • Achimaas beget Azarias, Azarias begot Johanan, (1 Chronicles 6, 9)

  • Johanan beget Azarias. This is he that executed the priestly office in the house which Solomon built in Jerusalem. (1 Chronicles 6, 10)

  • And Azarias beget Amarias, and Amarias beget Achitob. (1 Chronicles 6, 11)

  • Sellum beget Helcias, and Helcias beget Azarias, (1 Chronicles 6, 13)

  • Azarias beget Saraias, and Saraias beget Josedec. (1 Chronicles 6, 14)

  • The son of Elcana, the son of Johel, the son of Azarias, the son of Sophonias, (1 Chronicles 6, 36)

  • And Azarias the son of Helcias, the son of Mosollam, the son of Sadoc, the son of Maraioth, the son of Achitob, high priest of the house of God. (1 Chronicles 9, 11)

  • And the spirit of God came upon Azarias the son of Oded, (2 Chronicles 15, 1)

  • And when Asa had heard the words, and the prophecy of Azarias the son of Oded the prophet, he took courage, and took away the idols out of all the land of Juda, and out of Benjamin, and out of the cities of mount Ephraim, which he had taken, and he dedicated the altar of the Lord, which was before the porch of the Lord. (2 Chronicles 15, 8)

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