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  • Then he shall offer the peace offering with the ram and the unleavened bread in the basket, and finally the priest shall offer the accompanying offerings of grain and wine. (Numbers 6, 17)

  • With them he must make the gesture of offering before Yahweh; as it is a holy thing, it belongs by law to the priest, in addition to the breast that has been presented and the leg of the ram that has been set aside. After this the Nazirite may once more drink wine. (Numbers 6, 20)

  • He shall also make a wine offering, two pints for each lamb, in addition to the burnt offering or sacrifice. (Numbers 15, 5)

  • and a wine offering of three pints of wine, offering it as a sweet-smelling offering for Yahweh. (Numbers 15, 7)

  • and a wine offering of four pints of wine, as a burnt offering, sweet-smelling offering to Yahweh. (Numbers 15, 10)

  • If it is an unintentional fault of the community, the community as a whole must make a burnt offering of a young bull, a sweet-smelling offering for Yahweh, with the required offering of flour and wine, and a he-goat must be offered as a sacrifice for sin. (Numbers 15, 24)

  • All the best of the oil, all the best of the wine and wheat, the firstfruits given by them to Yahweh, these I give to you. (Numbers 18, 12)

  • This will take the place of the offerings of new grain and new wine that all the people have to give me. (Numbers 18, 27)

  • This best part that the Levites set aside shall be credited to you as an offering of the threshing floor and the wine press. (Numbers 18, 30)

  • The accompanying wine offering to be poured out at the altar is two pints of wine for each lamb. (Numbers 28, 7)

  • The second lamb you must offer in the evening; do this in the same way as the morning offering, together with the wine offering. (Numbers 28, 8)

  • On the sabbath day, you must offer two one-year-old lambs without any defect, and four pounds of fine flour as a grain offering, mixed with oil, as well as the accompanying wine offering. (Numbers 28, 9)

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