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  • You are not to make any incense like it for your own use. You must hold it to be a holy thing, reserved for Yahweh. (Exodus 30, 37)

  • and all the furniture of the Holy Tent; the table and its furnishings; the pure lampstand and all its accessories; the altar of incense; (Exodus 31, 8)

  • Work is to be done for six days, but the seventh is to be a holy day for you, a day of complete rest, consecrated to Yahweh. Whoever does any work on that day shall be put to death. (Exodus 35, 2)

  • the Holy Tent, its tent and its covering, its hooks and its frames, its crossbars, its posts, and its bases; (Exodus 35, 11)

  • the altar of incense with its poles, the anointing oil, the fragrant incense, and the screen for the entrance to the Holy Tent; (Exodus 35, 15)

  • the pegs of the Holy Tent and of the court, together with their cords; (Exodus 35, 18)

  • All the most skilled craftsmen among the workers made the Holy Tent. They made it with ten sheets of fine twined linen, of purple wool, violet shade and red, and of crimson wool, finely embroidered with angels. (Exodus 36, 8)

  • Next they made sheets of goats' hair to form a tent over the Holy Tent; they made eleven of these. (Exodus 36, 14)

  • They made another covering of rams' skins dyed red to be put over the Holy Tent and a covering of fine leather to spread over that. (Exodus 36, 19)

  • The Holy Tent was made with boards of acacia wood, which stood upright. (Exodus 36, 20)

  • Each board was fitted with two matching arms; this they did for all the boards of the Holy Tent. (Exodus 36, 22)

  • And they made two boards for the corners at the back of the Holy Tent. (Exodus 36, 28)

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