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  • And so great is our concern that we are ready to give you, as well as the Gospel, even our very lives, for you have become very dear to us. (1 Thessalonians 2, 8)

  • Remember our labor and toil; when we preached the Gospel, we worked day and night so as not to be a burden to you. (1 Thessalonians 2, 9)

  • and send you Timothy, our brother and servant of God in the Gospel of Christ. I wanted him to encourage you in the faith and strengthen you (1 Thessalonians 3, 2)

  • Then with flaming fire will be punished those who do not recognize God and do not obey the Gospel of Jesus, our Lord. (2 Thessalonians 1, 8)

  • To this end he called you through the gospel we preach, for he willed you to share the glory of Christ Jesus our Lord. (2 Thessalonians 2, 14)

  • to the Gospel of the God of glory and happiness, which was entrusted to me. (1 Timothy 1, 11)

  • Do not be ashamed of testifying to our Lord, nor of seeing me in chains. On the contrary, do your share in laboring for the Gospel with the strength of God. (2 Timothy 1, 8)

  • has just been manifested with the glorious appearance of Christ Jesus, our Lord, who destroyed death and brought life and immortality to light in his Gospel. (2 Timothy 1, 10)

  • Remember Christ Jesus, risen from the dead, Jesus, son of David, as preached in my Gospel. (2 Timothy 2, 8)

  • For this Gospel I labor and even wear chains like an evildoer, but the word of God is not chained. (2 Timothy 2, 9)

  • I would have liked to keep him at my side, to serve me on your behalf while I am in prison for the Gospel, (Philemon 1, 13)

  • It was revealed to them that they were working not for themselves but for you. Thus, in these days, after the Holy Spirit has been sent from heaven, the Gospel's preachers have taught you these mysteries which even the angels long to see. (1 Peter 1, 12)

“Lembre-se de que você tem no Céu não somente um pai, mas também uma Mãe”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina