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  • just as the Lord instructed Moses.” And so, Aaron placed it in the tabernacle, in reserve. (Exodus 16, 34)

  • According to exact likeness of the tabernacle, and all of the vessels for its rituals, that I will reveal to you, so shall you make it. (Exodus 25, 9)

  • “Truly, thus shall you make the tabernacle: You shall make ten curtains of fine twisted linen, and hyacinth as well as purple, and twice-dyed scarlet, with diverse embroidery. (Exodus 26, 1)

  • You shall also make fifty rings of gold, with which the veils of the curtains are to be joined, so that it shall be one tabernacle. (Exodus 26, 6)

  • You shall also make eleven haircloth canopies to cover the roof of the tabernacle. (Exodus 26, 7)

  • Then what will be left over of the canopies which are prepared for the roof, that is, one canopy which is in excess, from half of it you shall cover the back of the tabernacle. (Exodus 26, 12)

  • And one cubit will hang down on one side, and another on the other side, which is more than the length of the curtains, protecting both sides of the tabernacle. (Exodus 26, 13)

  • You shall also make the standing panels of the tabernacle from setim wood. (Exodus 26, 15)

  • Likewise, at the second side of the tabernacle, which lies to the north, there shall be twenty panels, (Exodus 26, 20)

  • Truly, toward the western part of the tabernacle, you shall make six panels, (Exodus 26, 22)

  • and again another two, which will be raised at the corners, behind the back of the tabernacle. (Exodus 26, 23)

  • You shall also make five bars of setim wood, to connect the panels on one side of the tabernacle, (Exodus 26, 26)

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