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  • But their enemies, she submerged in the sea, and from the furthest depths, she drew them up. Therefore, the just carried off the spoils of the impious. (Wisdom of Solomon 10, 19)

  • For when they were being tested, and even when receiving merciful correction, they knew in what way, when your wrath judged the impious, they would suffer torments. (Wisdom of Solomon 11, 10)

  • not because you were unable to subdue the impious under the just by war or by cruel beasts, or with a harsh word to exterminate them at once, (Wisdom of Solomon 12, 9)

  • But the impious and his impiety are similarly offensive to God. (Wisdom of Solomon 14, 9)

  • For the impious, having refused to know you, have been scourged by the strength of your arm, enduring persecution by unusual waters, and by hailstorms, and by rain storms, and being consumed by fire. (Wisdom of Solomon 16, 16)

  • Indeed, at a certain time, the fire was subdued, so as not to burn away the animals, which were sent against the impious; and so that, in seeing this, they might know that they are suffering persecution by the judgment of God. (Wisdom of Solomon 16, 18)

  • But the impious, all the way to the very end, were overcome by anger without mercy. Indeed, he knew beforehand even their future. (Wisdom of Solomon 19, 1)

  • Yet, seeing that they might have repented, so that they would be led by him and be sent forth with great concern, the just sought the impious, while regretting their deeds. (Wisdom of Solomon 19, 2)

  • For a wicked soul will destroy the one who has it. For it gladly provides enemies to him, and it will lead him to the fate of the impious. (Ecclesiasticus 6, 4)

  • Humble your spirit greatly. For the retribution against the flesh of the impious is with fire and worms. (Ecclesiasticus 7, 19)

  • The injury of the unjust should not please you, knowing that, until they are in hell, the impious will not please. (Ecclesiasticus 9, 17)

  • There is an impious man who labors and hurries and grieves, but all the more will he be without abundance. (Ecclesiasticus 11, 11)

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