Talált 210 Eredmények: truth

  • but have renounced all shameful secrecy. It is not our way to be devious, or to falsify the word of God; instead, in God's sight we commend ourselves to every human being with a conscience by showing the truth openly. (2 Corinthians 4, 2)

  • in the word of truth and in the power of God; by using the weapons of uprightness for attack and for defence: (2 Corinthians 6, 7)

  • And as Christ's truth is in me, this boast of mine is not going to be silenced in the regions of Achaia. (2 Corinthians 11, 10)

  • and then, if I do choose to boast I shall not be talking like a fool because I shall be speaking the truth. But I will not go on in case anybody should rate me higher than he sees and hears me to be, because of the exceptional greatness of the revelations. (2 Corinthians 12, 6)

  • We have no power to resist the truth; only to further the truth; (2 Corinthians 13, 8)

  • I swear before God that what I have written is the truth. (Galatians 1, 20)

  • people we did not defer to for one moment, or the truth of the gospel preached to you might have been compromised. . . (Galatians 2, 5)

  • You began your race well; who came to obstruct you and stop you obeying the truth? (Galatians 5, 7)

  • Now you too, in him, have heard the message of the truth and the gospel of your salvation, and having put your trust in it you have been stamped with the seal of the Holy Spirit of the Promise, (Ephesians 1, 13)

  • If we live by the truth and in love, we shall grow completely into Christ, who is the head (Ephesians 4, 15)

  • unless you failed to hear him properly when you were taught what the truth is in Jesus. (Ephesians 4, 21)

  • so that you could put on the New Man that has been created on God's principles, in the uprightness and holiness of the truth. (Ephesians 4, 24)

“O mais belo Credo é o que se pronuncia no escuro, no sacrifício, com esforço”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina