Talált 344 Eredmények: dead

  • And in the middle of the night she got up and took my son from beside me while your servant was asleep; she took him in her arms and put her own dead son in mine. (1 Kings 3, 20)

  • When I got up to suckle my child, there he was, dead. But in the morning I looked at him carefully, and he was not the child I had borne at all.' (1 Kings 3, 21)

  • Then the other woman spoke. 'That is not true! My son is the live one, yours is the dead one'; and the first retorted, 'That is not true! Your son is the dead one, mine is the live one.' And so they wrangled before the king. (1 Kings 3, 22)

  • 'This one says,' the king observed, ' "My son is the one who is alive; your son is dead," while the other says, "That is not true! Your son is the dead one, mine is the live one." (1 Kings 3, 23)

  • After David had crushed Edom, Joab the army commander had gone to bury the dead and had slaughtered the entire male population of Edom (1 Kings 11, 15)

  • But when news reached Hadad in Egypt that David had fallen asleep with his ancestors and that Joab the army commander was dead, he said to Pharaoh, 'Give me leave to go that I may return to my own country.' (1 Kings 11, 21)

  • Jeroboam's wife rose and left. She arrived at Tirzah, and when she crossed the threshold of the palace, the child was already dead. (1 Kings 14, 17)

  • He himself went on into the desert, a day's journey, and sitting under a furze bush wished he were dead. 'Yahweh,' he said, 'I have had enough. Take my life; I am no better than my ancestors.' (1 Kings 19, 4)

  • When Jezebel heard that Naboth had been stoned to death, she said to Ahab, 'Get up! Take possession of the vineyard which Naboth of Jezreel refused to sell you, for Naboth is no longer alive, he is dead.' (1 Kings 21, 15)

  • When Ahab heard that Naboth was dead, he got up to go down to the vineyard of Naboth of Jezreel and take possession of it. (1 Kings 21, 16)

  • The king is dead.' He was taken to Samaria and in Samaria the king was buried. (1 Kings 22, 37)

  • The wife of a member of the prophetic brotherhood appealed to Elisha. 'Your servant my husband is dead,' she said, 'and you know how your servant revered Yahweh. A creditor has now come to take my two children and make them his slaves.' (2 Kings 4, 1)

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