Talált 672 Eredmények: Temple

  • He deposited his father's and his own dedicated gifts of silver, gold and sacred vessels in the Temple of Yahweh. (1 Kings 15, 15)

  • Asa then took all the remaining silver and gold left in the treasuries of the Temple of Yahweh and the royal palace. Entrusting this to his servants, King Asa sent them with the following message to Ben-Hadad son of Tabrimmon, son of Hezion, the king of Aram who lived in Damascus, (1 Kings 15, 18)

  • He erected an altar to him in the temple of Baal which he built in Samaria. (1 Kings 16, 32)

  • Only -- and may Yahweh forgive your servant for this -- when my master goes to the temple of Rimmon to worship there, he leans on my arm, and I bow down in the temple of Rimmon when he does; may Yahweh forgive your servant for doing this!' (2 Kings 5, 18)

  • Jehu sent messengers throughout Israel, and all the devotees of Baal arrived, not a man was left who did not attend. They crowded into the temple of Baal until it was full from wall to wall. (2 Kings 10, 21)

  • Jehu then went into the temple of Baal with Jehonadab son of Rechab and said to Baal's devotees, 'Make quite sure that there are no devotees of Yahweh in here with you, but only devotees of Baal.' (2 Kings 10, 23)

  • When he had finished making the burnt offering, he gave the order to the guards and equerries, 'Go in, strike them down! Let no one out!' The guards and equerries went in, putting everyone to the sword all the way to the sanctuary of Baal's temple. (2 Kings 10, 25)

  • They took the sacred pole out of Baal's temple and burned it. (2 Kings 10, 26)

  • They demolished Baal's image and demolished Baal's temple too, making it into a latrine, which it still is today. (2 Kings 10, 27)

  • He stayed, hidden with her in the Temple of Yahweh for six years, while Athaliah governed the country. (2 Kings 11, 3)

  • In the seventh year, Jehoiada sent for the regimental commanders of the Carians and the guards, and had them brought to him in the Temple of Yahweh. He made a pact with them, put them on oath, then showed them the king's son. He gave them this order, (2 Kings 11, 4)

  • and your two other sections who come off duty on the Sabbath and mount guard at the Temple of Yahweh (2 Kings 11, 7)

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