Talált 273 Eredmények: Solomon

  • These are the names of those born to him in Jerusalem: Shammua, Shobab, Nathan, Solomon, (2 Samuel 5, 14)

  • David consoled his wife Bathsheba. He went to her and slept with her. She conceived and gave birth to a son, whom she called Solomon. Yahweh loved him (2 Samuel 12, 24)

  • but he did not invite the prophet Nathan, or Benaiah, or the champions, or his brother Solomon. (1 Kings 1, 10)

  • Nathan then said to Bathsheba, Solomon's mother, 'Have you not heard that, unknown to our lord David, Adonijah son of Haggith has become king? (1 Kings 1, 11)

  • Well, this is my advice to you if you want to save your own life and the life of your son Solomon. (1 Kings 1, 12)

  • Go straight in to King David and say, "My lord king, did you not make your servant this promise on oath: Your son Solomon is to be king after me; he is the one who is to sit on my throne? How is it, then, that Adonijah is king?" (1 Kings 1, 13)

  • 'My lord,' she replied, 'you swore to your servant by Yahweh your God, "Your son Solomon is to be king after me; he is the one who is to sit on my throne." (1 Kings 1, 17)

  • He has sacrificed quantities of oxen, fattened calves and sheep, and invited all the royal princes, the priest Abiathar, and Joab the army commander; but he has not invited your servant Solomon. (1 Kings 1, 19)

  • And when my lord the king falls asleep with his ancestors, Solomon and I shall be made to suffer for this.' (1 Kings 1, 21)

  • He has not, however, invited me your servant, Zadok the priest, Benaiah son of Jehoiada, or your servant Solomon. (1 Kings 1, 26)

  • just as I swore to you by Yahweh, God of Israel, that your son Solomon should be king after me and take my place on my throne, so I shall bring it about this very day.' (1 Kings 1, 30)

  • 'Take the royal guard with you,' said the king, 'mount my son Solomon on my own mule and escort him down to Gihon. (1 Kings 1, 33)

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