Talált 63 Eredmények: Saviour

  • my deliverer is my God. I take refuge in him, my rock, my shield, my saving strength, my stronghold, my place of refuge. My Saviour, you have saved me from violence; (2 Samuel 22, 3)

  • Yahweh gave Israel a saviour who freed them from the grip of Aram, and the Israelites lived in their tents as in the past. (2 Kings 13, 5)

  • Your strength does not lie in numbers, nor your might in strong men; since you are the God of the humble, the help of the oppressed, the support of the weak, the refuge of the forsaken, the Saviour of the despairing. (Judith 9, 11)

  • Show the evidence of your faithful love, saviour of those who hope in your strength against attack. (Psalms 17, 7)

  • [For the choirmaster Of David, the servant of Yahweh, who addressed the words of this song to Yahweh when Yahweh had delivered him from all his enemies and from the clutches of Saul. He said:] I love you, Yahweh, my strength (my Saviour, you have saved me from violence). (Psalms 18, 1)

  • do not turn away from me. Do not thrust aside your servant in anger, without you I am helpless. Never leave me, never forsake me, God, my Saviour. (Psalms 27, 9)

  • Brandish spear and pike to confront my pursuers, give me the assurance, 'I am your Saviour.' (Psalms 35, 3)

  • The upright have Yahweh for their Saviour, their refuge in times of trouble; (Psalms 37, 39)

  • Come quickly to my help, Lord, my Saviour! (Psalms 38, 22)

  • Poor and needy as I am, the Lord has me in mind. You, my helper, my Saviour, my God, do not delay. (Psalms 40, 17)

  • Why be so downcast, why all these sighs? Hope in God! I will praise him still, my Saviour, (Psalms 42, 5)

  • Why so downcast, why all these sighs? Hope in God! I will praise him still, my Saviour, my God. (Psalms 42, 11)

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