Talált 218 Eredmények: Levites

  • 'Separate the Levites from the Israelites and purify them. (Numbers 8, 6)

  • You will then bring the Levites in front of the Tent of Meeting, and assemble the whole community of Israelites. (Numbers 8, 9)

  • Once you have brought the Levites before Yahweh, the Israelites will lay their hands on them. (Numbers 8, 10)

  • Aaron will then offer the Levites, making the gesture of offering before Yahweh on behalf of the Israelites, admitting them to Yahweh's service. (Numbers 8, 11)

  • 'The Levites will then lay their hands on the heads of the bulls, one of which you will offer as a sacrifice for sin, and the other as a burnt offering to Yahweh, to perform the rite of expiation for the Levites. (Numbers 8, 12)

  • Having brought the Levites before Aaron and his sons, you will present them to Yahweh with the gesture of offering. (Numbers 8, 13)

  • That is how you will set the Levites apart from the Israelites, for them to be mine. (Numbers 8, 14)

  • The Levites will then begin their ministry in the Tent of Meeting. 'You will purify them and offer them with the gesture of offering (Numbers 8, 15)

  • and now, in place of all the first-born of the Israelites, I have taken the Levites. (Numbers 8, 18)

  • Of the Israelites, I give the Levites to Aaron and his sons, as dedicated men, to minister in the Tent of Meeting on behalf of the Israelites and perform the rite of expiation for them, so that no disaster befalls the Israelites when the Israelites come close to the sanctuary.' (Numbers 8, 19)

  • Moses, Aaron and the whole community of Israelites dealt with the Levites exactly as Yahweh had ordered Moses concerning them; this is what the Israelites did with them. (Numbers 8, 20)

  • The Levites purified themselves and washed their clothes, and Aaron presented them with the gesture of offering before Yahweh. He then performed the rite of expiation for them to purify them. (Numbers 8, 21)

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