Talált 208 Eredmények: Jonathan

  • When David had finished talking to Saul, Jonathan felt an instant affection for David; Jonathan loved him like his very self; (1 Samuel 18, 1)

  • Jonathan made a pact with David, since he loved him like his very self; (1 Samuel 18, 3)

  • Jonathan took off the cloak which he was wearing and gave it to David, and his armour too, even including his sword, his bow and his belt. (1 Samuel 18, 4)

  • Saul let his son Jonathan and all his servants know of his intention to kill David. But Jonathan, Saul's son, held David in great affection; (1 Samuel 19, 1)

  • and Jonathan warned David, 'My father Saul is looking for a way to kill you, so be on your guard tomorrow morning; go into hiding, stay out of sight. (1 Samuel 19, 2)

  • Jonathan spoke highly of David to Saul his father and said, 'The king should not harm his servant David; far from harming you, what he has done has been greatly to your advantage. (1 Samuel 19, 4)

  • Saul was impressed by Jonathan's words. Saul swore, 'As Yahweh lives, I will not kill him.' (1 Samuel 19, 6)

  • Jonathan called David and told him all this. Jonathan then brought him to Saul, and David remained in attendance as before. (1 Samuel 19, 7)

  • Fleeing from the huts at Ramah, David went and confronted Jonathan, 'What have I done, what is my guilt, how have I wronged your father, for him to want to take my life?' (1 Samuel 20, 1)

  • In reply, David swore, 'Your father knows very well that I enjoy your favour, and thinks, "Jonathan must not know about this or he will be upset." But, as Yahweh lives and as you yourself live, there is only a step between me and death.' (1 Samuel 20, 3)

  • At which, Jonathan said to David, 'Whatever you think best, I will certainly do for you.' (1 Samuel 20, 4)

  • Jonathan replied, 'Perish the thought! If I knew for sure that my father was determined to do you a mischief, would I not have told you?' (1 Samuel 20, 9)

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