Talált 266 Eredmények: praise

  • For in the days of David and Asaph of old [there were] chief of the singers, and songs of praise and thanksgiving unto God. (Nehemiah 12, 46)

  • Then she prayed toward the window, and said, Blessed art thou, O Lord my God, and thine holy and glorious name is blessed and honourable for ever: let all thy works praise thee for ever. (Tobit 3, 11)

  • Then Raguel praised God, and said, O God, thou art worthy to be praised with all pure and holy praise; therefore let thy saints praise thee with all thy creatures; and let all thine angels and thine elect praise thee for ever. (Tobit 8, 15)

  • Then he took them both apart, and said unto them, Bless God, praise him, and magnify him, and praise him for the things which he hath done unto you in the sight of all that live. It is good to praise God, and exalt his name, and honourably to shew forth the works of God; therefore be not slack to praise him. (Tobit 12, 6)

  • But he said unto them, Fear not, for it shall go well with you; praise God therefore. (Tobit 12, 17)

  • For not of any favour of mine, but by the will of our God I came; wherefore praise him for ever. (Tobit 12, 18)

  • If ye turn to him with your whole heart, and with your whole mind, and deal uprightly before him, then will he turn unto you, and will not hide his face from you. Therefore see what he will do with you, and confess him with your whole mouth, and praise the Lord of might, and extol the everlasting King. In the land of my captivity do I praise him, and declare his might and majesty to a sinful nation. O ye sinners, turn and do justice before him: who can tell if he will accept you, and have mercy on you? (Tobit 13, 6)

  • I will extol my God, and my soul shall praise the King of heaven, and shall rejoice in his greatness. (Tobit 13, 7)

  • Let all men speak, and let all praise him for his righteousness. (Tobit 13, 8)

  • Give praise to the Lord, for he is good: and praise the everlasting King, that his tabernacle may be builded in thee again with joy, and let him make joyful there in thee those that are captives, and love in thee for ever those that are miserable. (Tobit 13, 10)

  • Many nations shall come from far to the name of the Lord God with gifts in their hands, even gifts to the King of heaven; all generations shall praise thee with great joy. (Tobit 13, 11)

  • And all her streets shall say, Alleluia; and they shall praise him, saying, Blessed be God, which hath extolled it for ever. (Tobit 13, 18)

“O homem sem Deus é um ser mutilado”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina