Talált 52 Eredmények: resist

  • And he answered them: Fear not: can we resist the will of God? (Genesis 50, 19)

  • But if thou resist, and wilt not let them go, behold I will bring in to morrow the locust into thy coasts: (Exodus 10, 4)

  • And they shall every one fall upon their brethren as fleeing from wars, none of you shall dare to resist your enemies. (Leviticus 26, 37)

  • And he shall deliver their kings into thy hands, and thou shalt destroy their names from under Heaven: no man shall be able to resist thee, until thou destroy them. (Deuteronomy 7, 24)

  • No man shall be able to resist you all the days of thy life: as I have been with Moses, so will I be with thee: I will not leave thee, nor forsake thee. (Joshua 1, 5)

  • And then the Lord God will take away before your eyes nations that are great and very strong, and no man shall be able to resist you. (Joshua 23, 9)

  • And they were grievously oppressed by them. And they made themselves dens and eaves in the mountains, and strong holds to resist. (Judges 6, 2)

  • And her mother in law said to her: It is better for thee, my daughter, to go out to reap with his maids, lest in another man's field some one may resist thee. (Ruth 2, 22)

  • The sons of the stranger will resist me, at the hearing of the ear they will obey me. (2 Samuel 22, 45)

  • Who bringest me forth from my enemies, and liftest me up from them that resist me: from the wicked man thou shalt deliver me. (2 Samuel 22, 49)

  • But they were exceedingly afraid, and said: Behold two kings could not stand before him, and how shall we be able to resist? (2 Kings 10, 4)

  • And there were gathered to him vain men, and children of Belial: and they prevailed against Roboam the son of Solomon: for Roboam was unexperienced, and of a fearful heart, and could not resist them. (2 Chronicles 13, 7)

“Não se fixe voluntariamente naquilo que o inimigo da alma lhe apresenta.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina