Talált 36 Eredmények: retribution

  • But as for you, go and lead this people where I have told you. My angel will go before you. Then, on the day of retribution, I will also visit this sin of theirs.” (Exodus 32, 34)

  • According to the number of the forty days, during which you examined the land, one year shall be charged for each day. And so, for forty years you shall take back your iniquities, and you shall know my retribution. (Numbers 14, 34)

  • And immediately Moses said: “Arm the men among you for a battle, so that they may be able to fulfill the retribution of the Lord on the Midianites. (Numbers 31, 3)

  • And these were burying their firstborn, whom the Lord had struck down (for so, too, did he carry out retribution against their gods). (Numbers 33, 4)

  • The Shechemites also were given retribution for what they had done, and the curse of Jotham, the son of Jerubbaal, fell upon them. (Judges 9, 57)

  • And one day of retribution was established throughout all the provinces, namely, the thirteenth of the twelfth month Adar. (Esther 12, 12)

  • Give to them according to their works and according to the wickedness of their inventions. Assign to them according to the works of their hands. Repay them with their own retribution. (Psalms 27, 4)

  • He has stretched forth his hand in retribution. They have contaminated his covenant. (Psalms 54, 21)

  • Let their table be a snare before them, and a retribution, and a scandal. (Psalms 68, 23)

  • Let them not say among the Gentiles, “Where is their God?” And may your name become known among the nations before our eyes. For the retribution of your servants’ blood, which has been poured out: (Psalms 78, 10)

  • So then, truly, you will consider with your eyes, and you will see the retribution of sinners. (Psalms 90, 8)

  • A Psalm of David himself. The Fourth Sabbath. The Lord is the God of retribution. The God of retribution acts in order to deliver. (Psalms 93, 1)

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