Talált 53 Eredmények: patience

  • And so the Lord permitted this trial to befall him, in order that an example might be given to posterity of his patience, which is even like that of holy Job. (Tobit 2, 12)

  • Where is your reverence, your fortitude, your patience, and the perfection of your ways? (Job 4, 6)

  • Therefore, where is my expectation now, and who is it that considers my patience? (Job 17, 15)

  • For the poor will not be forgotten in the end. The patience of the poor will not perish in the end. (Psalms 9, 19)

  • Yet, truly, my soul will be subject to God. For from him is my patience. (Psalms 61, 6)

  • For you, O Lord, are my patience: my hope from my youth, O Lord. (Psalms 70, 5)

  • and what great things they had accomplished in the region of Spain, and that they had driven under their power the mines of silver and gold which are there, and that they had obtained possession of the entire place by their counsel and patience, (1 Maccabees 8, 3)

  • The doctrine of a man is known through patience. And his glory is to pass beyond iniquities. (Proverbs 19, 11)

  • By patience, a leader shall be appeased, and a soft tongue shall break hardness. (Proverbs 25, 15)

  • The end of a speech is better than the beginning. Patience is better than arrogance. (Ecclesiastes 7, 9)

  • But although a sinner may do evil of himself one hundred times, and by patience still endure, I realize that it will be well with those who fear God, who revere his face. (Ecclesiastes 8, 12)

  • Let us examine him with insult and torture, that we may know his reverence and try his patience. (Wisdom of Solomon 2, 19)

“Não se aflija a ponto de perder a paz interior. Reze com perseverança, com confiança, com calma e serenidade.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina