Talált 18 Eredmények: pain

  • To the woman, he also said: “I will multiply your labors and your conceptions. In pain shall you give birth to sons, and you shall be under your husband’s power, and he shall have dominion over you.” (Genesis 3, 16)

  • And behold, on the third day, when the pain of the wound was greatest, two of the sons of Jacob, Simeon and Levi, the brothers of Dinah, boldly entered the city with swords. And they put to death all of the males. (Genesis 34, 25)

  • Then, when her life was departing because of the pain, and death was now imminent, she called the name of her son Benoni, that is, the son of my pain. Yet truly, his father called him Benjamin, that is, the son of the right hand. (Genesis 35, 18)

  • he said to his father: “I have a pain in my head. I have a pain in my head.” But he said to his servant, “Take him, and lead him to his mother.” (2 Kings 4, 19)

  • And now Asa became ill, in the thirty-ninth year of his reign, with a very severe pain in his feet. And yet, in his infirmity, he did not seek the Lord. Instead, he trusted more in the skill of physicians. (2 Chronicles 16, 12)

  • But the Lord God of Israel, who oversees all things, struck him with an incurable and invisible plague. For, as soon as he had finished these words, a dire pain in his abdomen seized him, with bitter internal torments. (2 Maccabees 9, 5)

  • So then, worms swarmed from his impious body, and, as he lived on in pain, his flesh fell away, and then his odorous stench oppressed the army. (2 Maccabees 9, 9)

  • And you will say: “They have beaten me, but I did not feel pain. They have dragged me, and I did not realize it. When will I awaken and find more wine?” (Proverbs 23, 35)

  • How sufficient is a little wine for a well-taught man! For in sleep, you will not labor because of it, and you will not feel pain. (Ecclesiasticus 31, 22)

  • Then their hearts and hands shook. And they were in pain, like women giving birth. (Ecclesiasticus 48, 21)

  • Writhing and pain will seize them. They will be in pain, like a woman in labor. Each one will appear stupefied to his neighbor. Their countenances will be like faces which have been burned up. (Isaiah 13, 8)

  • Because of this, my lower back has been filled with pain, and anguish has possessed me, like the anguish of a woman in labor. I fell down when I heard it. I was disturbed when I saw it. (Isaiah 21, 3)

“Se você não entrega seu coração a Deus, o que lhe entrega?” “Você deve seguir outra estrada. Tire de seu coração todas as paixões deste mundo, humilhe-se na poeira e reze! Dessa forma, certamente você encontrará Deus, que lhe dará paz e serenidade nesta vida e a eterna beatitude na próxima.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina