Talált 445 Eredmények: Mouth

  • Now, therefore, you will be cursed upon the land, which opened its mouth and received the blood of your brother at your hand. (Genesis 4, 11)

  • And she came to him in the evening, carrying in her mouth an olive branch with green leaves. Noah then understood that the waters had ceased upon the earth. (Genesis 8, 11)

  • And he saw a well in a field, and also three flocks of sheep reclining near it. For the animals were watered from it, and its mouth was closed with a great stone. (Genesis 29, 2)

  • And the custom was, when all the sheep were gathered together, to roll away the stone. And when the flocks had been refreshed, they placed it over the mouth of the well again. (Genesis 29, 3)

  • They responded, “We cannot, until all the animals are gathered together and we remove the stone from the mouth of the well, so that we may water the flocks.” (Genesis 29, 8)

  • You will be over my house, and to the authority of your mouth, all the people will show obedience. Only in one way, in the throne of the kingdom, will I go before you.” (Genesis 41, 40)

  • And one of them, opening a sack to give his beast of burden fodder at the inn, looked upon the money at the sack’s mouth, (Genesis 42, 27)

  • Having said this, when they poured out their grain, each found his money tied to the mouth of his sack. And all were terrified together. (Genesis 42, 35)

  • But place my silver bowl, and the price that he gave for the wheat, in the mouth of the sack of the youngest.” And so it was done. (Genesis 44, 2)

  • Behold, your eyes and the eyes of my brother Benjamin can see that it is my mouth speaking to you. (Genesis 45, 12)

  • The Lord said to him: “Who made the mouth of man? And who has formed the mute and the deaf, the seeing and the blind? Was it not I? (Exodus 4, 11)

  • Go on, therefore, and I will be in your mouth. And I will teach you what you shall say.” (Exodus 4, 12)

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