Talált 189 Eredmények: Mount

  • And when he had gone away with all such things that were justly his, and, having crossed the river, was continuing on toward Mount Gilead, (Genesis 31, 21)

  • And taking his brothers with him, he pursued him for seven days. And he overtook him at Mount Gilead. (Genesis 31, 23)

  • And now Jacob had pitched his tent at the mountain. And when he, with his brothers, had overtaken him, he set his tent at the same place at Mount Gilead. (Genesis 31, 25)

  • And Esau lived at mount Seir: he is Edom. (Genesis 36, 8)

  • So these are the generations of Esau, the father of Edom, at mount Seir, (Genesis 36, 9)

  • And let them be prepared on the third day. For on the third day, the Lord will descend, in the sight of all the people, over Mount Sinai. (Exodus 19, 11)

  • Then all of Mount Sinai was smoking. For the Lord had descended over it with fire, and smoke ascended from it, as from a furnace. And the entire mountain was terrible. (Exodus 19, 18)

  • And the Lord descended over Mount Sinai, to the very top of the mountain, and he called Moses to its summit. And when he had ascended there, (Exodus 19, 20)

  • And Moses said to the Lord: “The people are not able to ascend to Mount Sinai. For you testified, and you commanded, saying: ‘Set limits around the mountain, and sanctify it.’ ” (Exodus 19, 23)

  • And the Lord, having completed speaking in this way on Mount Sinai, gave to Moses two stone tablets of testimony, written with the finger of God. (Exodus 31, 18)

  • Therefore, the sons of Israel put aside their ornaments before Mount Horeb. (Exodus 33, 6)

  • Be prepared in the morning, so that you may immediately ascend onto Mount Sinai, and you shall stand with me on the summit of the mountain. (Exodus 34, 2)

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