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  • And when he was asked by the men of that place, concerning his wife, he answered: She is my sister; for he was afraid to confess that she was his wife, thinking lest perhaps they would like him because of her beauty. (Genesis 26, 7)

  • And devoured all the beauty of the former. Pharao awaked after his rest: (Genesis 41, 7)

  • And they devoured the beauty of the former: I told this dream to the conjecturers, and there is no man that can expound it. (Genesis 41, 24)

  • Nephtali, a hart let loose, and giving words of beauty. (Genesis 49, 21)

  • And thou shalt make a holy vesture for Aaron thy brother for glory and for beauty. (Exodus 28, 2)

  • Moreover for the sons of Aaron thou shalt prepare linen tunicks, and girdles and mitres for glory and beauty: (Exodus 28, 40)

  • His beauty as of the firstling of a bullock, his horns as the horns of a rhinoceros: with them shall he push the nations even to the ends of the earth These are the multitudes of Ephraim and these the thousands of Manasses. (Deuteronomy 33, 17)

  • He paved also the floor of the temple with most precious marble, of great beauty. (2 Chronicles 3, 6)

  • And the Lord also gave her more beauty: because all this dressing up did not proceed from sensuality, lent from virtue: and therefore the Lord increased this her beauty, so that she appeared to all men's eyes incomparably lovely. (Judith 10, 4)

  • And when they saw her they were astonished, and admired her beauty exceedingly. (Judith 10, 7)

  • And when the men had heard her words, they beheld her face, and their eyes were amazed, for they wondered exceedingly at her beauty. (Judith 10, 14)

  • There is not such another woman upon earth in look, in beauty, and in sense of words. (Judith 11, 19)

“O amor sem temor torna-se presunção.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina