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  • And Moses called Joshua, and, before all of Israel, he said to him: ‘Be strong and valiant. For you shall lead this people into the land which the Lord swore that he would give to their fathers, and you shall divide it by lot. (Deuteronomy 31, 7)

  • And the Lord instructed Joshua, the son of Nun, and he said: “Be strong and valiant. For you shall lead the sons of Israel into the land which I have promised, and I will be with you.” (Deuteronomy 31, 23)

  • ‘Cursed be the land of Meroz!’ said the Angel of the Lord. ‘Cursed be its inhabitants! For they did not come to the aid of the Lord, to the assistance of his most valiant men.’ (Judges 5, 23)

  • the Angel of the Lord appeared to him, and he said: “The Lord is with you, most valiant of men.” (Judges 6, 12)

  • And Saul said to David: “Behold, my elder daughter, Merab. I will give her to you as wife. Only be a valiant man, and fight the wars of the Lord.” Now Saul was considering within himself, saying, “Let not my hand be upon him, but let the hands of the Philistines be upon him.” (1 Samuel 18, 17)

  • all the most valiant men rose up, and they walked all night, and they took the body of Saul and the bodies of his sons from the wall of Bethshan. And they went to Jabesh Gilead, and they burned them there. (1 Samuel 31, 12)

  • The illustrious of Israel have been killed upon your mountains. How could the valiant have fallen? (2 Samuel 1, 19)

  • O mountains of Gilboa, let neither dew, nor rain fall over you, and may these not be the fields of the first-fruits. For in that place, the shield of the valiant was cast away, the shield of Saul, as if he had not been anointed with oil. (2 Samuel 1, 21)

  • How could the valiant have fallen in battle? How could Jonathan have been slain on the heights? (2 Samuel 1, 25)

  • And each one, taking hold of his peer by the head, fixed a sword into the side of his adversary, and they fell down together. And the name of that place was called: The Field of the Valiant in Gibeon. (2 Samuel 2, 16)

  • Be valiant men. And let us fight on behalf of our people and the city of our God. Then the Lord will do what is good in his own sight.” (2 Samuel 10, 12)

  • Then Absalom commanded his servants, saying: “Observe when Amnon will have become drunk with wine. And when I say to you, ‘Strike and kill him!’ do not be afraid. For it is I who commands you. Be strong and valiant men.” (2 Samuel 13, 28)

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