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  • Rolled silver is brought from Tarshish, and gold from Uphaz. It is the work of a craftsman, and of the hand of a coppersmith. Hyacinth and purple is their clothing. All these things are the work of artists. (Jeremiah 10, 9)

  • Babylon is a gold cup in the hand of the Lord, inebriating the entire earth. The nations have drunk from her wine, and therefore they have staggered. (Jeremiah 51, 7)

  • And the chief of the military took the water pots, and the censers, and the pitchers, and the basins, and the lampstands, and the mortars, and the little cups, whatever was gold, for the gold, and whatever was silver, for the silver, (Jeremiah 52, 19)

  • ALEPH. O how the gold has become dulled, the finest color has been altered, the stones of the sanctuary have been scattered at the head of every street. (Lamentations 4, 1)

  • BETH. The famous sons of Zion, and those clothed with the foremost gold: how they have become like earthen vessels, the work of the hands of a potter. (Lamentations 4, 2)

  • who store up treasures of silver and gold, in which men trust, and with whom there is no end to their acquiring, who work with silver and are anxious about it, and whose works are inexplicable? (Baruch 3, 18)

  • Who has crossed the sea, and found her, and brought her, chosen instead of gold? (Baruch 3, 30)

  • But now, you will see in Babylon gods of gold and of silver, and of stone and of wood, carried upon shoulders, an awful display for the peoples. (Baruch 6, 3)

  • For their tongue is polished by the craftsman, and they themselves are even inlaid with gold and silver, yet they are false and unable to speak. (Baruch 6, 7)

  • And, just like a virgin who loves to decorate herself, so do they take up gold and make designs with it. (Baruch 6, 8)

  • Their gods have crowns of certified gold upon their heads, from which the priests subtract gold and silver, and spend it on themselves. (Baruch 6, 9)

  • Furthermore, the gold which they have is shiny, but unless someone wipes off the rust, they will not shine. And even when they were molten, they did not feel it. (Baruch 6, 23)

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