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  • Then it happened, after many days, that Cain offered gifts to the Lord, from the fruits of the earth. (Genesis 4, 3)

  • so that he may appoint overseers throughout all the regions. And let a fifth part of the fruits, throughout the seven fertile years (Genesis 41, 34)

  • Therefore, their father Israel said to them: “If it is necessary to do so, then do what you will. Take, in your vessels, from the best fruits of the land, and carry down gifts to the man: a little resin, and honey, and storax ointment, oil of myrrh, turpentine, and almonds. (Genesis 43, 11)

  • And they covered the entire face of the land, laying waste to all things. And the plants of the land were devoured, along with whatever fruits were on the trees, which the hail had left behind. And nothing at all of the greenery remained on the trees or on the plants of the earth in all of Egypt. (Exodus 10, 15)

  • You shall not delay in paying your tithes and your first-fruits. You shall give the firstborn of your sons to me. (Exodus 22, 29)

  • for it is the solemnity of the harvest of the first-fruits of your work, of whatever you have sown in the field. Likewise, it is a solemnity at the end of the season, when you will have gathered in all your crops from the field. (Exodus 23, 16)

  • “Speak to the sons of Israel, so that they may take the first-fruits to me. You shall accept these from every man who offers of his own accord. (Exodus 25, 2)

  • You shall observe the Solemnity of Weeks with the first-fruits of the grain from the harvest of your wheat, and a Solemnity when the time of the year returns and everything is stored away. (Exodus 34, 22)

  • The first of the fruits of your land you shall offer in the house of the Lord your God. You shall not boil a young goat in the milk of its mother.” (Exodus 34, 26)

  • Separate from among you the first-fruits to the Lord. Let all who are willing and have a ready soul offer these to the Lord: gold, and silver, and brass, (Exodus 35, 5)

  • offered the first-fruits to the Lord with a most ready and devout mind, to accomplish the work of the tabernacle of the testimony. Whatever was needed for worship and for the holy vestments, (Exodus 35, 21)

  • You shall offer only the first-fruits of these along with the gifts. Yet truly, these shall not be placed upon the altar as an odor of sweetness. (Leviticus 2, 12)

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