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  • And so they gave money to those who cut and laid stones. Similarly, they gave food, and drink, and oil to the Sidonians and the Tyrians, so that they would bring cedar wood, from Lebanon to the sea at Joppa, in accord with what had been commanded of them by Cyrus, the king of the Persians. (Ezra 3, 7)

  • Indeed, I seemed to eat and drink with you, but I make use of an invisible food and drink, which cannot be seen by men. (Tobit 12, 19)

  • And entering, she remained pure in the tabernacle, until she received her own food in the evening. (Judith 12, 9)

  • Or can one eat bland food, which is not seasoned with salt? Or can anyone taste that which, if tasted, causes death? (Job 6, 6)

  • They have passed by like ships carrying fruits, just like an eagle flying to food. (Job 9, 26)

  • And they chewed grass and the bark from trees, and the root of junipers was their food. (Job 30, 4)

  • if I have eaten my morsel of food alone, while orphans have not eaten from it; (Job 31, 17)

  • if the men around my tabernacle have not said: “He might give us some of his food, so that we will be filled,” (Job 31, 31)

  • For he judges the people by these things, and he gives food to a multitude of mortals. (Job 36, 31)

  • Who provides the raven with its meal, when her chicks cry out to God, as they wander around because they have no food? (Job 38, 41)

  • From there, she looks for food, and her eyes catch sight of it from far away. (Job 39, 29)

  • You have given us over like sheep for food. You have scattered us among the Gentiles. (Psalms 43, 12)

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