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  • and the columns of the surrounding atrium with their bases, and the tent pegs with their cords. (Numbers 3, 37)

  • These are their burdens: They shall carry the panels of the tabernacle and its bars, the columns and their bases, (Numbers 4, 31)

  • also the columns surrounding the atrium, with their bases and tent pegs and cords. They shall accept by number all the vessels and articles, and so shall they carry them. (Numbers 4, 32)

  • And he made ten bases of brass: each base was four cubits in length, and four cubits in width, and three cubits in height. (1 Kings 7, 27)

  • And the work itself of the bases was engraved; and there were sculptures between the junctures. (1 Kings 7, 28)

  • In this manner, he made ten bases with the same casting and measure, and very similar engravings. (1 Kings 7, 37)

  • He also made ten hand basins of brass. One hand basin contained four baths, and was of four cubits. And each basin he set upon a base, which is ten bases. (1 Kings 7, 38)

  • And he stationed the ten bases, five to the right side of the temple, and five to the left. And the sea he placed to the right side of the temple, opposite the east, toward the south. (1 Kings 7, 39)

  • and the ten bases, and the ten basins on the bases; (1 Kings 7, 43)

  • Then king Ahaz took away the engraved bases, and the basin that was upon them. And he took down the sea from the bronze oxen, which were holding it up. And he positioned it upon a layer of pavement stone. (2 Kings 16, 17)

  • Now the pillars of brass which were in the temple of the Lord, and the bases, and the sea of brass, which was in the house of the Lord, the Chaldeans broke apart. And they took all the brass to Babylon. (2 Kings 25, 13)

  • and also the two pillars, the one sea, and the bases which Solomon had made for the temple of the Lord. The brass of all these items was beyond measure. (2 Kings 25, 16)

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