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  • But when Nadab and Abihu offered profane fire before the LORD in the desert of Sinai, they met death in the presence of the LORD, and left no sons. Thereafter only Eleazar and Ithamar performed the priestly functions under the direction of their father Aaron. (Numbers 3, 4)

  • But only Aaron and his descendants shall you appoint to have charge of the priestly functions. Any layman who comes near shall be put to death." (Numbers 3, 10)

  • East of the Dwelling, that is, in front of the meeting tent, toward the sunrise, were camped Moses and Aaron and the latter's sons. They discharged the obligations of the sanctuary for the Israelites. Any layman who came near was to be put to death. (Numbers 3, 38)

  • Then the LORD said to Moses, "This man shall be put to death; let the whole community stone him outside the camp." (Numbers 15, 35)

  • So the whole community led him outside the camp and stoned him to death, as the LORD had commanded Moses. (Numbers 15, 36)

  • if these men die an ordinary death, merely suffering the fate common to all mankind, then it was not the LORD who sent me. (Numbers 16, 29)

  • But only you and your sons are to have charge of performing the priestly functions in whatever concerns the altar and the room within the veil. I give you the priesthood as a gift. Any layman who draws near shall be put to death." (Numbers 18, 7)

  • The Israelites may no longer approach the meeting tent; else they will incur guilt deserving death. (Numbers 18, 22)

  • You will incur no guilt so long as you make a contribution of the best part. Do not profane the sacred gifts of the Israelites and so bring death on yourselves." (Numbers 18, 32)

  • Then strip Aaron of his garments and put them on his son Eleazar; for there Aaron shall be taken in death." (Numbers 20, 26)

  • Who has ever counted the dust of Jacob, or numbered Israel's wind-borne particles? May I die the death of the just, may my descendants be as many as theirs! (Numbers 23, 10)

  • These cities shall serve you as places of asylum from the avenger of blood, so that a homicide shall not be put to death unless he is first tried before the community. (Numbers 35, 12)

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