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  • So Hiram continued to provide Solomon with all the cedars and fir trees he wished; (1 Kings 5, 24)

  • while Solomon every year gave Hiram twenty thousand kors of wheat to provide for his household, and twenty thousand measures of pure oil. (1 Kings 5, 25)

  • The LORD, moreover, gave Solomon wisdom as he promised him, and there was peace between Hiram and Solomon, since they were parties to a treaty. (1 Kings 5, 26)

  • King Solomon conscripted thirty thousand workmen from all Israel. (1 Kings 5, 27)

  • Solomon had seventy thousand carriers and eighty thousand stonecutters in the mountain, (1 Kings 5, 29)

  • in addition to three thousand three hundred overseers, answerable to Solomon's prefects for the work, directing the people engaged in the work. (1 Kings 5, 30)

  • Solomon's and Hiram's builders, along with the Gebalites, hewed them out, and prepared the wood and stones for building the temple. (1 Kings 5, 32)

  • In the four hundred and eightieth year from the departure of the Israelites from the land of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon's reign over Israel, in the month of Ziv, which is the second month, the construction of the temple of the LORD was begun. (1 Kings 6, 1)

  • The temple which King Solomon built for the LORD was sixty cubits long, twenty wide, and twenty-five high. (1 Kings 6, 2)

  • This word of the LORD came to Solomon: (1 Kings 6, 11)

  • When Solomon finished building the temple, (1 Kings 6, 14)

  • Solomon overlaid the interior of the temple with pure gold. He made in front of the sanctuary a cedar altar, overlaid it with gold, and looped it with golden chains. (1 Kings 6, 21)

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