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  • Like a lamp shining on the sacred lamp-stand, such is a beautiful face on a well-proportioned body. (Ecclesiasticus 26, 17)

  • Opposite evil stands good, opposite death, life; so too opposite the devout stands the sinner. (Ecclesiasticus 33, 14)

  • and tells you, 'You are on the right road,' but stands well clear to see what will happen to you. (Ecclesiasticus 37, 9)

  • Fair judgement is driven away and saving justice stands aloof, for good faith has stumbled in the street and sincerity cannot enter. (Isaiah 59, 14)

  • From them I shall banish the shouts of rejoicing and mirth, the voices of bridegroom and bride, the sound of the handmill and the light of the lamp; (Jeremiah 25, 10)

  • For this is what Yahweh Sabaoth says about (the pillars, the Sea, the stands and) the other vessels still remaining in this city, (Jeremiah 27, 19)

  • At this everyone stands stupefied, uncomprehending, every goldsmith blushes for his idols; his castings are but delusion, with no breath in them. (Jeremiah 51, 17)

  • The Chaldaeans broke up the bronze pillars from the Temple of Yahweh, the wheeled stands and the bronze Sea, which were in the Temple of Yahweh, and took all the bronze away to Babylon. (Jeremiah 52, 17)

  • The commander of the guard also took the bowls, the censers, the sprinkling bowls, the ash containers, the lamp-stands, the goblets and the saucers: everything that was made of gold and everything made of silver. (Jeremiah 52, 19)

  • As regards the two pillars, the one Sea, the twelve bronze oxen supporting the Sea, and the wheeled stands, which King Solomon had made for the Temple of Yahweh, there was no reckoning the weight of bronze in all these objects. (Jeremiah 52, 20)

  • She is the book of God's commandments, the Law that stands for ever; those who keep her shall live, those who desert her shall die. (Baruch 4, 1)

  • Something like a hand was stretched out and it took me by a lock of my hair; and the spirit lifted me between heaven and earth and, in visions from God, took me to Jerusalem, to the entrance of the inner north gate, where stands the idol that provokes jealously. (Ezekiel 8, 3)

“É doce o viver e o penar para trazer benefícios aos irmãos e para tantas almas que, vertiginosamente, desejam se justificar no mal, a despeito do Bem Supremo.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina