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  • These, by clans, are the Levites that were registered: for Gershon, the Gershonite clan; for Kohath, the Kohathite clan; for Merari, the Merarite clan. (Numbers 26, 57)

  • From the half coming to the Israelites, you will take one out of every fifty persons, oxen, donkeys, sheep, and all other animals, and give them to the Levites who are responsible for Yahweh's Dwelling.' (Numbers 31, 30)

  • From this half, the Israelites' share, Moses took one out of every fifty, human and animal, and gave them to the Levites who were responsible for Yahweh's Dwelling, as Yahweh had ordered Moses. (Numbers 31, 47)

  • 'Order the Israelites, from the heritage they possess, to give the Levites towns in which to live and pasture land round the towns. You will give these to the Levites. (Numbers 35, 2)

  • The pasture land surrounding the towns which you give to the Levites will extend, from the walls of the towns, for a thousand cubits all round. (Numbers 35, 4)

  • The towns you give to the Levites will be six cities of refuge, ceded by you as sanctuary for those who commit manslaughter; and you will give forty-two towns in addition. (Numbers 35, 6)

  • Altogether you will give the Levites forty-eight towns, with their pasture lands. (Numbers 35, 7)

  • Of the towns which you give from the Israelites' possessions, you will give more from those who have more, and less from those who have less. Each will give some of his towns to the Levites, in proportion to the heritage he himself has received.' (Numbers 35, 8)

  • he shall minister there in the name of Yahweh his God like all his fellow Levites who stand ministering there in the presence of Yahweh, (Deuteronomy 18, 7)

  • The Levites will then speak, proclaiming loudly to all the Israelites: (Deuteronomy 27, 14)

  • he gave this command to the Levites who carried the ark of Yahweh's covenant: (Deuteronomy 31, 25)

  • For Moses himself had given the two-and-a-half tribes their heritage on the further side of the Jordan, although to the Levites he had given no heritage with them. (Joshua 14, 3)

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