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  • Looking round, Lot saw all the Jordan plain, irrigated everywhere -- this was before Yahweh destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah-like the garden of Yahweh or the land of Egypt, as far as Zoar. (Genesis 13, 10)

  • So Lot chose all the Jordan plain for himself and moved off eastwards. Thus they parted company: (Genesis 13, 11)

  • I am unworthy of all the faithful love and constancy you have shown your servant. I had only my staff when I crossed this Jordan, and now I have grown into two camps. (Genesis 32, 11)

  • On arriving at Goren-ha-Atad, which is across the Jordan, they there held a long and solemn lamentation, and Joseph observed seven days' mourning for his father. (Genesis 50, 10)

  • When the Canaanites, the local inhabitants, witnessed the mourning at Goren-ha-Atad, they said, 'This is a solemn act of mourning by the Egyptians,' which is why the place was given the name Abel-Mizraim-it is across the Jordan. (Genesis 50, 11)

  • The Amalekites occupy the Negeb area, the Hittites, Jebusites and Amorites the highlands, and the Canaanites the sea coast and the banks of the Jordan.' (Numbers 13, 29)

  • The Israelites then set out and pitched their camp in the Plains of Moab, beyond the Jordan opposite Jericho. (Numbers 22, 1)

  • So Moses and the priest Eleazar took a census of them on the Plains of Moab, near the Jordan by Jericho. They counted (Numbers 26, 3)

  • Such were the men registered by Moses and the priest Eleazar who took a census of the Israelites on the Plains of Moab near the Jordan by Jericho. (Numbers 26, 63)

  • they brought the captives, spoil and booty to Moses, the priest Eleazar and the whole community of Israelites at the camp on the Plains of Moab, near the Jordan by Jericho. (Numbers 31, 12)

  • So', they said, 'if you approve, give your servants this land for us to own; do not make us cross the Jordan.' (Numbers 32, 5)

  • For we shall have no heritage with them on the other bank of the Jordan or beyond, since our heritage has fallen to us here, east of the Jordan.' (Numbers 32, 19)

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