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  • Of Benjamin, Abidan the son of Gedeon. (Numbers 1, 11)

  • In the tribe of the sons of Benjamin the prince was Abidan the son of Gedeon. (Numbers 2, 22)

  • The ninth day the prince of the sons of Benjamin, Abidan the son of Gedeon, (Numbers 7, 60)

  • And for sacrifices of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five buck goats, five lambs of a year old. This was the offering of Abidan the son of Gedeon. (Numbers 7, 65)

  • And in the tribe of Benjamin, the prince was Abidan the son of Gedeon. (Numbers 10, 24)

  • And an angel of the Lord came, and sat under an oak, that was in Ephra, and belonged to Joas the father of the family of Ezri. And when Gedeon his son was threshing and cleansing wheat by the winepress, to flee from Madian, (Judges 6, 11)

  • And Gedeon said to him: I beseech thee, my lord, if the Lord be with us, why have these evils fallen upon us? Where are his miracles, which our fathers have told us of, saying: The Lord brought us Out of Egypt? but now the Lord hath forsaken us, and delivered us into the bands of Madian. (Judges 6, 13)

  • So Gedeon went in, and boiled a kid, and made unleavened loaves of a measure of flour: and putting the flesh in a basket, and the broth of the flesh into a pot, he carried all under the oak, and presented to him. (Judges 6, 19)

  • And Gedeon seeing that it was the angel of the Lord, said: Alas, my Lord God: for I have seen the angel of the Lord face to face. (Judges 6, 22)

  • And Gedeon built there an altar to the Lord, and called it the Lord's peace, until this present day. And when he was yet in Ephra, which is of the family of Ezri, (Judges 6, 24)

  • Then Gedeon taking ten men of his servants, did as the Lord had commanded him. But fearing his father's house, and the men of that city, he would not do it by day, but did all by night. (Judges 6, 27)

  • And they said one to another: Who hath done this? And when they inquired for the author of the fact, it was said: Gedeon the son of Joas did all this. (Judges 6, 29)

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