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  • Isaac became frightened and very astonished. And wondering beyond what can be believed, he said: “Then who is he that a while ago brought me the prey from his hunting, from which I ate, before you arrived? And I blessed him, and he will be blessed.” (Genesis 27, 33)

  • Judah is a lion’s young. You have gone up to the prey, my son. While resting, you have lain like a lion. And just like a lioness, who would rouse him? (Genesis 49, 9)

  • Benjamin is a ravenous wolf, in the morning he will eat the prey, and in the evening he will divide the spoil.” (Genesis 49, 27)

  • But your little ones, about whom you said that they would be a prey to the enemies, I will lead them in, so that they may see the land that has displeased you. (Numbers 14, 31)

  • And when king Arad the Canaanite, who was living toward the south, had heard this, namely, that Israel had arrived by the way of spies, he fought against them. And proving to be the victor, he led away prey from them. (Numbers 21, 1)

  • Behold, the people will rise up like a lioness, and lie down like a lion. But they will not lie down until they devour the prey and drink the blood of the slain.” (Numbers 23, 24)

  • And they carried away prey from everything that they had seized, both of men and of beasts. (Numbers 31, 11)

  • And you shall divide the prey equally, among those who went out to war and fought, and among the remainder of the multitude. (Numbers 31, 27)

  • Now the prey which the army had seized was six hundred seventy-five thousand sheep, (Numbers 31, 32)

  • And David consulted the Lord, saying, “Shall I pursue these robbers, and will I overtake them, or not?” And the Lord said to him: “Pursue. For without doubt, you will overtake them and find the prey.” (1 Samuel 30, 8)

  • And when he had led him, behold, they were stretched out on the face of the land everywhere, eating and drinking and celebrating, as if it were a feast day, because of all the prey and spoils that they had taken from the land of the Philistines, and from the land of Judah. (1 Samuel 30, 16)

  • And he took all the flocks and the herds, and he drove them before his face. And they said, “This is the prey of David.” (1 Samuel 30, 20)

“Menosprezai vossas tentações e não vos demoreis nelas. Imaginai estar na presença de Jesus. O crucificado se lança em vossos braços e mora no vosso coração. Beijai-Lhe a chaga do lado, dizendo: ‘Aqui está minha esperança; a fonte viva da minha felicidade. Seguro-vos, ó Jesus, e não me aparto de vós, até que me tenhais posto a salvo’”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina