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  • so that it may be an appeasing sacrifice, and so that the hands of those who offer may be sanctified. A stranger shall not eat from these, for they are holy. (Exodus 29, 33)

  • For seven days, you shall expiate and sanctify the altar, and it shall be the Holy of holies. All those who will touch it must be sanctified. (Exodus 29, 37)

  • And Aaron shall pray over its horns once a year, with the blood of what was offered for sin. And he shall make atonement over it in your generations. It shall be the Holy of holies to the Lord.” (Exodus 30, 10)

  • And you shall make the holy oil of unction, an ointment composed with the skills of a perfumer, (Exodus 30, 25)

  • And you shall sanctify everything, and they shall be the Holy of holies. He who will touch them must be sanctified. (Exodus 30, 29)

  • Likewise, you shall say to the sons of Israel: ‘This oil of unction will be holy to me throughout your generations. (Exodus 30, 31)

  • The flesh of man shall not be anointed from it, and you shall not make any similar compound, for it has been sanctified and it shall be holy to you. (Exodus 30, 32)

  • And when you have crushed all these into a very fine powder, you shall place some of it before the tabernacle of the testimony, in the place where I will appear to you. The Holy of holies shall this incense be to you. (Exodus 30, 36)

  • You shall not make such a compound for your own uses, because it is holy to the Lord. (Exodus 30, 37)

  • the holy vestments for the ministry of Aaron the priest, and for his sons, so that they may execute their office of sacred rites, (Exodus 31, 10)

  • Keep my Sabbath, for it is holy to you. Whoever will have polluted it, shall die a death. Whoever will have done any work in it, his soul shall perish from the midst of his people. (Exodus 31, 14)

  • For six days you shall do work; the seventh day, the Sabbath and the rest of the Lord, will be holy to you; whoever will have done any work in it shall be killed. (Exodus 35, 2)

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