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  • who took sweet food together with me. In the house of God, we walked side-by-side. (Psalms 54, 15)

  • You have visited the earth, and you have saturated it. You have enriched it in so many ways. The river of God has been filled with water. You have prepared their food. For thus is its preparation. (Psalms 64, 10)

  • And they gave me gall for my food. And in my thirst, they gave me vinegar to drink. (Psalms 68, 22)

  • You have broken the heads of the serpent. You have given him as food for the people of the Ethiopians. (Psalms 73, 14)

  • And they tempted God in their hearts, by asking for food according to their desires. (Psalms 77, 18)

  • They were not cheated out of what they wanted. Their food was still in their mouth, (Psalms 77, 30)

  • They have placed the dead bodies of your servants as food for the birds of the sky, the flesh of your saints for the beasts of the earth. (Psalms 78, 2)

  • All these expect you to give them food in due time. (Psalms 103, 27)

  • Their soul abhorred all food, and they drew near even to the gates of death. (Psalms 106, 18)

  • He has given food to those who fear him. He will be mindful of his covenant in every age. (Psalms 110, 5)

  • He gives food to all flesh, for his mercy is eternal. (Psalms 135, 25)

  • O Lord, all eyes hope in you, and you provide their food in due time. (Psalms 144, 15)

“Quanto maiores forem os dons, maior deve ser sua humildade, lembrando de que tudo lhe foi dado como empréstimo.”(Pe Pio) São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina