1. Now his father Tobit was counting each day, and when the days for the journey had expired and they did not arrive,

2. he said, "Is it possible that he has been detained? Or is it possible that Gabael has died and there is no one to give him the money?"

3. And he was greatly distressed.

4. And his wife said to him, "The lad has perished; his long delay proves it." Then she began to mourn for him, and said,

5. "Am I not distressed, my child, that I let you go, you who are the light of my eyes?"

6. But Tobit said to her, "Be still and stop worrying; he is well."

7. And she answered him, "Be still and stop deceiving me; my child has perished." And she went out every day to the road by which they had left; she ate nothing in the daytime, and throughout the nights she never stopped mourning for her son Tobias, until the fourteen days of the wedding feast had expired which Raguel had sworn that he should spend there. At that time Tobias said to Raguel, "Send me back, for my father and mother have given up hope of ever seeing me again."

8. But his father-in-law said to him, "Stay with me, and I will send messengers to your father, and they will inform him how things are with you."

9. Tobias replied, "No, send me back to my father."

10. So Raguel arose and gave him his wife Sarah and half of his property in slaves, cattle, and money.

11. And when he had blessed them he sent them away, saying, "The God of heaven will prosper you, my children, before I die."

12. He said also to his daughter, "Honor your father-in-law and your mother-in-law; they are now your parents. Let me hear a good report of you. " And he kissed her. And Edna said to Tobias, "The Lord of heaven bring you back safely, dear brother, and grant me to see your children by my daughter Sarah, that I may rejoice before the Lord. See, I am entrusting my daughter to you; do nothing to grieve her."

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