Löydetty 153 Tulokset: cubits

  • As a way in to the lateral cells on the passage there was one entrance on the north side and one entrance on the south side. The width of the passage was five cubits right round. (Ezekiel 41, 11)

  • The building on the west side of the court was seventy cubits wide, the wall of the building was five cubits thick all round and its length was ninety cubits. (Ezekiel 41, 12)

  • He measured the length of the Temple: a hundred cubits. (Ezekiel 41, 13)

  • The length of the court plus the building and its walls: a hundred cubits. (Ezekiel 41, 14)

  • He measured the length of the building, along the court, at the back, and its galleries on either side: a hundred cubits. The inside of the Hekal and the porches of the court, (Ezekiel 41, 15)

  • a wooden altar, three cubits high and two cubits square. Its corners, base and sides were of wood. He said to me, 'This is the table in the presence of Yahweh.' (Ezekiel 41, 22)

  • Along the front, it was a hundred cubits long on the north side and fifty cubits wide. (Ezekiel 42, 2)

  • and in front of the rooms was a walk, ten cubits measured inwards and a hundred cubits long; their doors looked north. (Ezekiel 42, 4)

  • The outer wall parallel to the rooms, facing them and giving onto the outer court, was fifty cubits long, (Ezekiel 42, 7)

  • the length of the rooms facing the outer court being fifty cubits, while for those facing the hall of the Temple it was a hundred cubits. (Ezekiel 42, 8)

  • He measured the east side with his measuring rod: a total of five hundred cubits by the measuring rod. (Ezekiel 42, 16)

  • He then measured the north side: a total of five hundred cubits by the measuring rod. (Ezekiel 42, 17)

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