Löydetty 271 Tulokset: Sabaoth

  • What we had heard we saw for ourselves in the city of our God, in the city of Yahweh Sabaoth, which God has established for ever.Pause (Psalms 48, 8)

  • Yahweh, God of Sabaoth, God of Israel, rise up, to punish all the nations, show no mercy to all these malicious traitors.Pause (Psalms 59, 5)

  • Those who hope in you must not be made fools of, Yahweh Sabaoth, because of me! Those who seek you must not be disgraced, God of Israel, because of me! (Psalms 69, 6)

  • Yahweh, God Sabaoth, how long will you flare up at your people's prayer? (Psalms 80, 4)

  • God Sabaoth, bring us back, let your face shine on us and we shall be safe. (Psalms 80, 7)

  • God Sabaoth, come back, we pray, look down from heaven and see, visit this vine; (Psalms 80, 14)

  • God Sabaoth, bring us back, let your face shine on us and we shall be safe. (Psalms 80, 19)

  • [For the choirmaster On the . . . of Gath Of the sons of Korah Psalm] How lovely are your dwelling-places, Yahweh Sabaoth. (Psalms 84, 1)

  • Even the sparrow has found a home, the swallow a nest to place its young: your altars, Yahweh Sabaoth, my King and my God. (Psalms 84, 3)

  • Yahweh, God Sabaoth, hear my prayer, listen, God of Jacob. (Psalms 84, 8)

  • Yahweh Sabaoth, blessed is he who trusts in you. (Psalms 84, 12)

  • Yahweh, God Sabaoth, who is like you? Mighty Yahweh, your constancy is all round you! (Psalms 89, 8)

“Que Maria sempre enfeite sua alma com as flores e o perfume de novas virtudes e coloque a mão materna sobre sua cabeça. Fique sempre e cada vez mais perto de nossa Mãe celeste, pois ela é o mar que deve ser atravessado para se atingir as praias do esplendor eterno no reino do amanhecer.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina