Löydetty 241 Tulokset: Joseph

  • Joseph's master had him arrested and committed to the gaol where the king's prisoners were kept. And there in gaol he stayed. (Genesis 39, 20)

  • But Yahweh was with Joseph. He showed him faithful love and made him popular with the chief gaoler. (Genesis 39, 21)

  • The chief gaoler put Joseph in charge of all the prisoners in the gaol, making him responsible for everything done there. (Genesis 39, 22)

  • and put them in custody in the house of the commander of the guard, in the gaol where Joseph was a prisoner. (Genesis 40, 3)

  • The commander of the guard assigned Joseph to them to attend to their wants, and they remained in custody for some time. (Genesis 40, 4)

  • When Joseph came to them in the morning, he saw that they looked gloomy, (Genesis 40, 6)

  • They replied, 'We have each had a dream, but there is no one to interpret it.' 'Are not interpretations God's business?' Joseph asked them. 'Tell me about them.' (Genesis 40, 8)

  • So the chief cup-bearer described his dream to Joseph, telling him, 'In my dream there was a vine in front of me. (Genesis 40, 9)

  • 'This is what it means,' Joseph told him. 'The three branches are three days. (Genesis 40, 12)

  • The chief baker, seeing that the interpretation had been favourable, said to Joseph, 'I too had a dream; there were three wicker trays on my head. (Genesis 40, 16)

  • Joseph replied as follows, 'This is what it means: the three trays are three days. (Genesis 40, 18)

  • and by hanging the chief baker, as Joseph had explained to them. (Genesis 40, 22)

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