Löydetty 20 Tulokset: surrounded

  • And they also that had taken and set the city on fire, issuing out of the city to meet their own men, began to cut off the enemies who were surrounded by them. So that the enemies being cut off on both sides, not one of so great a multitude was saved. (Joshua 8, 22)

  • And he passed from Lachis to Eglon, and surrounded it, (Joshua 10, 34)

  • Then Abimelech departing from thence came to the town of Thebes, which he surrounded and besieged with his army. (Judges 9, 50)

  • And when the Philistines had beard this, and it was noised about among them, that Samson was come into the city, they surrounded him, setting guards at the gate of the city, and watching there all the night in silence, that in the morning they might kill him as he went out. (Judges 16, 2)

  • And Joram came to Seira, and all the chariots with him: and he arose in the night, and defeated the Edomites that had surrounded him, and the captains of the chariots, but the people fled into their tents. (2 Kings 8, 21)

  • At that time the servants of Nabuchodonosor king of Babylon came up against Jerusalem, and the city was surrounded with their forts. (2 Kings 24, 10)

  • And it came to pass in the ninth year of his reign, in the tenth month, the tenth day of the month, that Nabuchodonosor king of Babylon came, he and all his army against Jerusalem: and they surrounded it: end raised works round about it. (2 Kings 25, 1)

  • So when the captains of the cavalry saw Josaphat, they said: This is the king of Israel. And they surrounded him to attack him: but he cried to the Lord, and he helped him, and turned them away from him. (2 Chronicles 18, 31)

  • And Joram went over with his princes, and all his cavalry with him, and rose in the night, and defeated the Edomites who had surrounded him, and all the captains of his cavalry. (2 Chronicles 21, 9)

  • To a man whose way is hidden, and God hath surrounded him with darkness? (Job 3, 23)

  • Therefore art thou surrounded with snares, and sudden fear troubleth thee. (Job 22, 10)

  • From the face of the wicked who have afflicted me. My enemies have surrounded my soul: (Psalms 16, 9)

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