Löydetty 68 Tulokset: terror

  • They then left and a terror fell on all the surrounding towns with the result that no one followed in pursuit of them. (Genesis 35, 5)

  • Terror and dread fall upon them, your powerful arm leaves them still as stone until your people pass by, O Yahweh! till the people you have purchased pass by. (Exodus 15, 16)

  • Now I will send my terror ahead of you and throw into confusion all the people you encounter; I will make all your enemies turn and flee before you. (Exodus 23, 27)

  • I, in turn, will do this: I will bring upon you a terror, a tuberculosis and fever, weakening your eyes and draining your life. In vain will you sow, for your enemies will eat it. (Leviticus 26, 16)

  • Their children will fall by the sword; terror shall reign within, destroying both young man and virgin, both the sucking child and the old man. (Deuteronomy 32, 25)

  • Panic struck in the camp and in the countryside, sowing terror in the garrison. Even the band of raiders was disturbed. It was like an earthquake and they were filled with a holy terror. (1 Samuel 14, 15)

  • They conquered all the towns in the area of Gerar, for the terror of Yahweh had fallen on these towns and they plundered them all since they were full of loot. (2 Chronicles 14, 13)

  • They both trembled with fear. They threw themselves face downwards on the ground because they were seized with terror. (Tobit 12, 16)

  • The fear and terror of him fell upon all the inhabitants of the seacoast, those in Tyre and Sidon, in Sur, Ocina and Jamnia. The people of Azotus and Ascalon also feared him. (Judith 2, 28)

  • That is why I, your servant, having understood all this, have fled far from them. God has sent me to bring about, along with you, deeds that will strike terror throughout the whole world and cause those who hear them to talk. (Judith 11, 16)

  • Terror and fear fell on them, they no longer controlled themselves but at the same moment they all broke rank and fled by way of the roads across the plain and the mountain. (Judith 15, 2)

  • Esther answered, "He is no other than this wicked Haman - an enemy and a foe!" At this, Haman was seized with terror. (Esther 7, 6)

“Não desperdice suas energias em coisas que geram preocupação, perturbação e ansiedade. Uma coisa somente é necessária: elevar o espírito e amar a Deus.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina