Löydetty 10 Tulokset: directions

  • Saul's watchmen in Gibeah of Benjamin saw the commotion in the camp: the Philistines were running and scattering in all directions. (1 Samuel 14, 16)

  • He rushed forward, stood over him, took the Philistine's sword and slew him by cutting off his head. When the Philistines saw that their champion was dead, they scattered in all directions. (1 Samuel 17, 51)

  • At the sight of the first battalion of Judas, terror and panic seized their enemies because of an apparition of Him who sees all things. They fled in all directions, so that they were dragged on the ground by their own companions and wounded by their own swords. (2 Maccabees 12, 22)

  • my father taught me and said to me: Treasure my words in your heart; listen to my directions and you will live. (Proverbs 4, 4)

  • He called on the Almighty Lord when the enemy pressed from all directions and he offered a sucking lamb. (Ecclesiasticus 46, 16)

  • touched those of the other. Their faces did not turn as they advanced, because they were able to go forward in any of the four directions of their faces. (Ezekiel 1, 9)

  • Their wings were spread upwards. Each had two wings meeting those of its neighbor and two covering its body; having four faces they could advance in any of the four directions. (Ezekiel 1, 11)

  • so they could follow any of the four directions without turning as they went. (Ezekiel 1, 17)

  • so they could move following any of their four directions, without turning as they went. (Ezekiel 10, 11)

  • One day before lunch, they parted, saying to each other, "Let us go home for it is meal time. So off they went in different directions. (Daniel 13, 13)

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