Löydetty 225 Tulokset: mountains

  • And the waters prevailed beyond measure across the earth. And all the lofty mountains under the whole heaven were covered. (Genesis 7, 19)

  • The water was fifteen cubits higher than the mountains which it covered. (Genesis 7, 20)

  • And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the twenty-seventh day of the month, upon the mountains of Armenia. (Genesis 8, 4)

  • Yet in truth, the waters were departing and decreasing until the tenth month. For in the tenth month, on the first day of the month, the tips of the mountains appeared. (Genesis 8, 5)

  • and the Chorreans in the mountains of Seir, even to the plains of Paran, which is in wilderness. (Genesis 14, 6)

  • He said to him: “Take your only begotten son Isaac, whom you love, and go into the land of vision. And there you shall offer him as a holocaust upon one of the mountains, which I will show to you.” (Genesis 22, 2)

  • I beg you, let not the Egyptians say, ‘He cleverly led them away, so that he could put them to death in the mountains and destroy them from the earth.’ Let your anger be quieted and appeased concerning the wickedness of your people. (Exodus 32, 12)

  • And so, Moses sent them to examine the land of Canaan, and he said to them: “Ascend by the south side. And when you arrive at the mountains, (Numbers 13, 18)

  • Amalek lives in the south. The Hethite, and the Jebusite, and the Amorite live in the mountains. And truly, the Canaanite stays near the sea and around the streams of the Jordan.” (Numbers 13, 30)

  • And the Amalekites descended, along with those Canaanites who were living in the mountains. And so, striking and cutting them down, they pursued them all the way to Hormah. (Numbers 14, 45)

  • And taking up his parable, he said: “Balak, king of the Moabites, has led me from Aram, from the mountains of the east. ‘Come forth,’ he said, ‘and curse Jacob. Hurry and condemn Israel.’ (Numbers 23, 7)

  • And departing from Almon-diblathaim, they went to the mountains of Abarim, opposite Nebo. (Numbers 33, 47)

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