Löydetty 1028 Tulokset: father

  • Truly, Joseph gave his father and brothers a possession in Egypt, in the best place of the land, in Rameses, as Pharaoh had instructed. (Genesis 47, 11)

  • And he fed them, along with all his father’s house, providing portions of food to each one. (Genesis 47, 12)

  • After these things were done, it was reported to Joseph that his father was sick. And taking his two sons Manasseh and Ephraim, he went directly to him. (Genesis 48, 1)

  • And when Joseph had taken them from his father’s lap, he reverenced prone on the ground. (Genesis 48, 12)

  • And he placed Ephraim on his right, that is, towards the left hand of Israel. Yet truly Manasseh was on his left, namely, towards his father’s right hand. And he placed them both up against him. (Genesis 48, 13)

  • But Joseph, seeing that his father had placed his right hand over the head of Ephraim, took it gravely. And grasping his father’s hand, he tried to lift it from Ephraim’s head and transfer it onto the head of Manasseh. (Genesis 48, 17)

  • And he said to his father: “It should not have come to pass this way, father. For this one is the firstborn. Place your right hand over his head.” (Genesis 48, 18)

  • Gather together and listen, O sons of Jacob. Listen to Israel, your father. (Genesis 49, 2)

  • You are being poured out like water, may you not increase. For you climbed onto your father’s bed, and you defiled his resting place. (Genesis 49, 4)

  • Judah, your brothers will praise you. Your hand will be at the necks of your enemies; the sons of your father will reverence you. (Genesis 49, 8)

  • The God of your father will be your helper, and the Almighty will bless you with the blessings of heaven above, with the blessings of the abyss that lies beneath, with the blessings of the breasts and of the womb. (Genesis 49, 25)

  • The blessings of your father are strengthened by the blessings of his fathers, until the desire of the hills of eternity shall arrive. May they be at the head of Joseph, and at the summit of the Nazarite, among his brothers. (Genesis 49, 26)

“O amor e o temor devem sempre andar juntos. O temor sem amor torna-se covardia. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina