Löydetty 357 Tulokset: altar

  • from which were cast the bases at the entrance of the tabernacle of the testimony, and the altar of brass with its grating, and the vessels which pertain to its use, (Exodus 38, 30)

  • the altar of gold, and the ointment, and the incense of aromatics, (Exodus 39, 37)

  • the altar of brass, the grating, the bars, and all of its vessels, the washtub with its base, the hangings of the atrium, and the columns with their bases, (Exodus 39, 39)

  • and the altar of gold, in which the incense is burned, shall stand before the ark of the testimony. You shall place the tent at the entrance of the tabernacle, (Exodus 40, 5)

  • and before it, the altar of holocaust. (Exodus 40, 6)

  • The washtub shall stand between the altar and the tabernacle, and you shall fill it with water. (Exodus 40, 7)

  • The altar of holocaust and all its vessels, (Exodus 40, 10)

  • He also positioned the altar of gold under the roof of the testimony, opposite the veil, (Exodus 40, 24)

  • and the altar of holocaust in the vestibule of the testimony, offering the holocaust and the sacrifices upon it, just as the Lord had decreed. (Exodus 40, 27)

  • Likewise, he stationed the washtub between the tabernacle of the testimony and the altar, filling it with water. (Exodus 40, 28)

  • whenever they would enter the covering of the covenant, and when they approached to the altar, just as the Lord had instructed Moses. (Exodus 40, 30)

  • And he raised up the atrium around the tabernacle and the altar, drawing the hanging at its entrance. After all these things were perfected, (Exodus 40, 31)

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