Löydetty 969 Tulokset: David

  • And Saul began to fear David all the more. And Saul became the enemy of David, every day. (1 Samuel 18, 29)

  • And the leaders of the Philistines departed. And from the beginning of their departure, David conducted himself more prudently than all the servants of Saul, and his name became exceedingly celebrated. (1 Samuel 18, 30)

  • Now Saul spoke to his son Jonathan, and to all his servants, so that they would kill David. But Jonathan, the son of Saul, loved David very much. (1 Samuel 19, 1)

  • And Jonathan revealed it to David, saying: “Saul, my father, is seeking to kill you. Because of this, I ask you, take care for yourself in the morning. And you should conceal yourself and remain in hiding. (1 Samuel 19, 2)

  • Then Jonathan spoke good things about David to his father Saul. And he said to him: “You should not sin, O king, against your servant David. For he has not sinned against you, and his works toward you are very good. (1 Samuel 19, 4)

  • And he took his life in his own hand, and struck down the Philistine. And the Lord wrought a great salvation for all of Israel. You saw it, and you rejoiced. Why then would you sin against innocent blood by killing David, who is without guilt?” (1 Samuel 19, 5)

  • And so Jonathan called David, and he revealed to him all of these words. And Jonathan led in David to Saul, and he was before him, just as he had been yesterday and the day before. (1 Samuel 19, 7)

  • Then the war was stirred up again. And David went out and fought against the Philistines. And he struck them down with a great slaughter. And they fled from his face. (1 Samuel 19, 8)

  • And the evil spirit from the Lord came to Saul, who was sitting in his house and holding a lance. And David was playing music with his hand. (1 Samuel 19, 9)

  • And Saul attempted to fix David to the wall with the lance. But David turned aside from the face of Saul. And the lance failed to wound him, and it became fixed in the wall. And David fled, and so he was saved that night. (1 Samuel 19, 10)

  • Therefore, Saul sent his guards to David’s house, so that they might watch for him, and so that he might be killed in the morning. And after Michal, his wife, had reported this to David, saying, “Unless you save yourself this night, tomorrow you will die,” (1 Samuel 19, 11)

  • And Saul sent attendants to seize David. And it was answered that he was sick. (1 Samuel 19, 14)

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