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  • Abraham answered, "The seven ewe lambs you shall accept from me that thus I may have your acknowledgment that the well was dug by me." (Genesis 21, 30)

  • "Ah, if only you would please listen to me! I will pay you the price of the field. Accept it from me, that I may bury my dead there." (Genesis 23, 13)

  • "No, I beg you!" said Jacob. "If you will do me the favor, please accept this gift from me, since to come into your presence is for me like coming into the presence of God, now that you have received me so kindly. (Genesis 33, 10)

  • Do accept the present I have brought you; God has been generous toward me, and I have an abundance." Since he so urged him, Esau accepted. (Genesis 33, 11)

  • the custodian shall swear by the LORD that he did not lay hands on his neighbor's property; the owner must accept the oath, and no restitution is to be made. (Exodus 22, 10)

  • "Tell the Israelites to take up a collection for me. From every man you shall accept the contribution that his heart prompts him to give me. (Exodus 25, 2)

  • These are the contributions you shall accept from them: gold, silver and bronze; (Exodus 25, 3)

  • I will lay waste your cities and devastate your sanctuaries, refusing to accept your sweet-smelling offerings. (Leviticus 25, 31)

  • "Accept their offering, that these things may be put to use in the service of the meeting tent. Assign them to the Levites, to each group in proportion to its duties." (Numbers 7, 5)

  • "You shall not accept indemnity in place of the life of a murderer who deserves the death penalty; he must be put to death. (Numbers 35, 31)

  • Nor shall you accept indemnity to allow a refugee to leave his city of asylum and again dwell elsewhere in the land before the death of the high priest. (Numbers 35, 32)

  • Bless, O LORD, his possessions and accept the ministry of his hands. Break the backs of his adversaries and of his foes, that they may not rise." (Deuteronomy 33, 11)

“Nunca vá se deitar sem antes examinar a sua consciência sobre o dia que passou. Enderece todos os seus pensamentos a Deus, consagre-lhe todo o seu ser e também todos os seus irmãos. Ofereça à glória de Deus o repouso que você vai iniciar e não esqueça do seu Anjo da Guarda que está sempre com você.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina