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  • The descendants of Cush: Seba, Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah, and Sabteca. The descendants of Raamah: Sheba and Dedan. (Genesis 10, 7)

  • Obal, Abimael, Sheba, (Genesis 10, 28)

  • Early the next morning Abraham got some bread and a skin of water and gave them to Hagar. Then, placing the child on her back, he sent her away. As she roamed aimlessly in the wilderness of Beer-sheba, (Genesis 21, 14)

  • This is why the place is called Beer-sheba; the two took an oath there. (Genesis 21, 31)

  • When they had thus made the pact in Beer-sheba, Abimelech, along with Phicol, the commander of his army, left and returned to the land of the Philistines. (Genesis 21, 32)

  • Abraham planted a tamarisk at Beer-sheba, and there he invoked by name the LORD, God the Eternal. (Genesis 21, 33)

  • Abraham then returned to his servants, and they set out together for Beer-sheba, where Abraham made his home. (Genesis 22, 19)

  • Jokshan became the father of Sheba and Dedan. The descendants of Dedan were the Asshurim, the Letushim, and the Leummim. (Genesis 25, 3)

  • From there Isaac went up to Beer-sheba. (Genesis 26, 23)

  • He called it Shibah; hence the name of the city, Beer-sheba, to this day. (Genesis 26, 33)

  • Jacob departed from Beer-sheba and proceeded toward Haran. (Genesis 28, 10)

  • Israel set out with all that was his. When he arrived at Beer-sheba, he offered sacrifices to the God of his father Isaac. (Genesis 46, 1)

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