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  • That same day Achish gave him Ziklag, which has, therefore, belonged to the kings of Judah up to the present time. (1 Samuel 27, 6)

  • who asked, "Whom did you raid this time?" And David answered, "The Negeb of Judah," or "The Negeb of Jerahmeel," or "The Negeb of the Kenites." (1 Samuel 27, 10)

  • We raided the Negeb of the Cherethites, the territory of Judah, and the Negeb of Caleb; and we set Ziklag on fire." (1 Samuel 30, 14)

  • He did lead them, and there were the Amalekites scattered all over the ground, eating, drinking, and in a festive mood because of all the rich booty they had taken from the land of the Philistines and from the land of Judah. (1 Samuel 30, 16)

  • When David came to Ziklag, he sent part of the spoil to the elders of Judah, city by city, saying, "This is a gift to you from the spoil of the enemies of the LORD": (1 Samuel 30, 26)

  • After this David inquired of the LORD, "Shall I go up into one of the cities of Judah?" The LORD replied to him, "Yes." Then David asked, "Where shall I go?" He replied, "To Hebron." (2 Samuel 2, 1)

  • Then the men of Judah came there and anointed David king of the Judahites.A report reached David that the men of Jabesh-gilead had buried Saul. (2 Samuel 2, 4)

  • Enraged at the words of Ishbaal, Abner said, "Am I a dog's head in Judah? At present I am doing a kindness to the house of your father Saul, to his brothers and his friends, by keeping you out of David's clutches; yet this day you charge me with a crime involving a woman! (2 Samuel 3, 8)

  • that is, take away the kingdom from the house of Saul and establish the throne of David over Israel and over Judah from Dan to Beersheba." (2 Samuel 3, 10)

  • seven years and six months in Hebron over Judah, and thirty-three years in Jerusalem over all Israel and Judah. (2 Samuel 5, 5)

  • Then David and all the people who were with him set out for Baala of Judah to bring up from there the ark of God, which bears the name of the LORD of hosts enthroned above the cherubim. (2 Samuel 6, 2)

  • Uriah answered David, "The ark and Israel and Judah are lodged in tents, and my lord Joab and your majesty's servants are encamped in the open field. Can I go home to eat and to drink and to sleep with my wife? As the LORD lives and as you live, I will do no such thing." (2 Samuel 11, 11)

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